The Liebrecht Gallery is a custom-built fine art gallery in the CBD of Somerset West. It opened its doors on 20 September 2007. A variety of art forms are presented in terms of the mission explicitly formulated to guide its development from the outset.

  • We only deal in original works of art.
  • The gallery is custom-built and situated in the CBD of Somerset West, with ample parking right in front of gallery.
  • We focus on solo exhibitions to introduce the public we serve to a variety of different art directions and styles, and host group shows from time to time to satisfy the varied needs of a larger public. We also stock the work of our gallery artists.
  • Brochures and catalogues accompany most exhibitions.
  • We offer a personalized service and will visit you in your home to discuss your specific needs. Together we’ll identify a specific artist to commission a specific work.
  • Music concerts and theatre productions are presented during exhibitions in the 110 square metres gallery space during winter (seating for 100), and in the adjacent Oude Lieberstein Open-Air Theatre during summer (seating for 100).
  • We provide assistance with the valuation of works of art.

Our mission:

  • The promotion of creativity as a way of life in general, rather than the narrow pursuit of so-called ‘artistic’ activities
  • Preferential exposure of the work of contemporary artists
  • Introducing the public we serve to a wide range of ‘artistic’ styles, directions and forms
  • Stimulating critical discussion about many aspects related to art, including its essential defining elements, its possible functions, art appreciation, and its role in contemporary society