Walls (Group exhibition)


A Whole New World (Group exhibition)
In the Open Air (Jaco Coetzee)


Tretchirous (Group exhibition)
Traveller (Clifford Mpai; presented at FynArts Gallery, Hermanus)
33 (Jaco Coetzee)
Home Moods (Group exhibition)
Flaming Verse (Group exhibition; presented at Artscape)


Pictures at an Exhibition (Ydi Carstens, Sharon Moses, Rachelle Hugo)
This is not an Exhibition (Group exhibition)
Water (Group exhibition)


Dit is die maand Desember (Group)
A Stream of Consciousness (Group)
A River runs through it (Rachelle Hugo)
To see the Light (Weyers du Toit & Jaco Coetzee)


A Penny for your Thoughts. The Still-Life Experience (Group)
A Speaking Silence (Clifford Mpai)


It’s in my Nature (Janet Botes & Jaco Coetzee)
Klein maar Getrein (Rachelle Hugo)
Statues on the Street (Jaco Coetzee)
Beyond the Surface (Ronald Muchatuta & Rachelle Hugo)


Holiday Letters/Vakansiebriewe (Group exhibition)
Two Worlds in Four Decades (Clifford Mpai; retrospective)
Being There (Anthea Delmotte & Wendy Gaybba)
The Becoming Child (Tanya Poole)
Terroir. A Sense of Place (Group exhibition)
Bananas, Elephants & Teapots (Arlette Franks)
On the Move (Jaco Coetzee)


By the Sweat of your Brow (Group exhibition)
I Recall a Gypsy Woman (Wendy Gaybba)
The Chequered Flag (Philip Badenhorst)
Who’s Afraid of the Irma Sterns? (Marina Louw)
A Lesson from Laingsburg (Jaco Coetzee)


Facing the Future. Portraits for Africa (Group exhibition)
Mike Rafi (solo)
On the Street Where you Live (Jaco Coetzee)
Sound Image (Anthea Delmotte and Clare Menck)
Pilgrimage (Group exhibition)
All is Written (Winet Vermaak)


The A-Z of Fruit & Veg (Merryl Knapp)
Gallery Artists


A Slice of Life (Group exhibition)
It is Written (Winet Vermaak)
An African Landscape Safari (Johan Burger)
On Debut (Jaco Coetzee)
Passers-By (Katharine Ambrose)


Summer in Somerset West (Group exhibition)
Mother Earth Revisited (Group exhibition)
A Part of the Earth (Bert Touwen)
The Walton Way (Anthony Walton)
Prelude (Anthea Delmotte)
S A Tour 2009 (Leslie Clark)
Another Story of a South African Farm (Keith Byron)
The ABC of Artists (Group exhibition)


Faces and Figures (Group exhibition)
Birds of a Feather (Group exhibition)
Cape & Caribbean (Johan Burger)
Windows (Annaliese Brink & Samarie Smith)
Senior Students Show (Group exhibition)
Face to Face (Lanon Prigge)
In a Frame of Mind (Keith Byron)
The Local Landscape (Group exhibition)
Duet (Faith Botha & Rika Kemp)
Group Show


Mother Earth (Sonia Mertz & Vanessa Lampon)
Abstract Expressions (Marusa Mason)
Sun & Seeds (Annabi Bester-Postma; retrospective)

Concerts in the Gallery

  1. James Grace (guitar); James Grace in Concert; 12 Jun 2009
  2. Pieter Crathorne; A piano recital; 24 Jul 2009
  3. Derek Gripper (guitar); Avant-goema; 28 Aug 2009
  4. Quartete le Jidd; The music of Claude Bolling; 30 Apr 2010
  5. Babette du Toit (soprano); 26 August 2011
  6. Kristiyan Chernev (cellist) & Eugenie Bahlsen; 3 September 2011
  7. Pieter Rooi (piano); Beethoven Sonatas, 11 May 2012
  8. Pieter Rooi (piano); Bhook 1, Debussy Préludes, 24 Augustus 2012
  9. Nina Schumann (piano); Schumann & Schumann, 14 September 2012
  10. Amanda Tiffin Jazz Trio; In concert, 6 September 2013
  11. Kyle Seconna (tenor) & Nicola Gardiner (soprano); The Gypsy Rhyme, 18 October 2013
  12. James Grace (guitar); Guitar Hero, 13 November 2015
  13. Tertia Visser Downie (piano) & Phillip de Vos (narrator); Pictures at an Exhibition, 14 December 2018

Concert in the Oude Lieberstein Open-Air Theatre

  1. Cutt Glas; Alles van die beste; 25 Sept 2009
  2. James Grace (guitar); In Concert, 4 March 2011
  3. Albert Frost (guitar); In Concert, 28 March 2014